Funding Proposal and Presentation

Funding Proposal


2 thoughts on “Funding Proposal and Presentation

  1. I like your proposal!! Mine is along the same lines, kids need their own learning device. I don’t care if its 1to1, or BYOD they need something to compete with all the other kids in the state who do have devices in the classroom and are moving forward with technology. I think all kids should have the same chances, but in reality it isn’t possible. The district needs to suck it up, and spend the money. Your point of not spending money on pencils and paper and move that money to tech is a reality. I also think parents can take some responsibility in their child’s learning by supplying some of the basic needs. There are so many grants that are available, and there are ways to leverage a budget, districts think short term too much, and not enough in the long term. I hope your proposal goes through!! Good luck!


  2. Good student-focused idea. Your idea certainly puts technology in the students’ hands, but your example unit is one in which technology is but a means of learning–replacing the teacher if you will by utilizing Khan Academy and then completing line plots. Other than teaching the student to go to Khan Academy and find the lesson for themselves, it’s not really any different learning than the teacher being in the front of the room. I encourage you to think about teacher training, professional development, and re-visioning for 21st century learning to take place with your 1:1 PLN device plan. Good luck and I hope you have success!!


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