Week 11 Reflection

This week’s essential question was one of the most beneficial questions we have had this semester. Throughout the whole class I have been trying my hardest to complete each assignment to the best of my ability, but loosely structured courses like this one are difficult for me. I prefer lots of structure, examples and guidance. But as I’m sure everyone has noticed, with this course it has been much more open and flexible. While it’s good for me to learn and work outside of my comfort zone, it sure isnt easy!  That’s why I really appreciated to opportunity to share ideas from our proposals this week. I have been working hard on my proposal, but I have never written or read a proposal before, so I really haven’t been sure if I’m doing it right this whole time! This week however, after reading other classmates’ blog posts, and especially after recovering such great positive feedback and comments on my own post, I feel so much more confident about the work I’ve been doing so far!


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