Week 10 Reflection

This week was a tough topic!  And one that seemed to stir up some mixed reactions in people.  We learned a lot of different types of technologies that can be used to create and design works of art and clothing item.  It seemed like some other people in the class had some issues understanding to benefits or purposes of this kind of art.  I had some trouble with that at first, but after seeing a wide variety of examples, I was able to start to understand and appreciate the electronic crafts people are creating.

Reading the other blogs this week was really interesting.  On this topic prior knowledge really seemed to vary amongst the classmates.  It was interesting to see some people who knew quite a bit about this topic, and were able to explain it clearly and more reasonably than those of us who were really unfamiliar with this.  One of the things that makes it harder to understand I think is the wide variety of items and methods and tools that can be used to create technological arts.  It include simple, more mechanical items like the really cool Chibitronics activities, and the more complex crafts like clothing.  When it comes to clothing that is electronic I can get really excited about the more practical items, and all of these innovations are really amazing.  These are things that I could never come up with myself, and the fact that people are being so creative and inventive, even if you don’t like the items aesthetically, you have to appreciate the intelligence and thoughtfulness.  To me, it is mostly exciting to continue to see our generation continuing to innovate and create.  I missed the Twitter chat this week, but I did go back and read over the conversation and it really helped me feel better about the topic.  Everyone made some really great contributions to the chat, and reading it I felt like my awareness and knowledge had increased.

To me, every time a new device comes out I think to myself, this has to be it!  Everything that can be invented has, but then a few months later, something just as exciting gets released.  It makes me happy to know that people are still just as creative as ever.


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