Week 9 Reflection

This week was exciting for me!  I hosted the twitter chat for the first time ever!  Admittedly, I was pretty nervous going into it.  I never hosted a twitter chat before, and it seemed like a lot of responsibility!  I actually really enjoyed it though. Often, during our twitter chat the conversation moves so quickly that it can be hard to keep up.  Being the host this week forced me to pay extra close attention so I could track what was going on, and respond and facilitate the conversation as best as possible.  Being the host allowed me to get more out of the conversation, and more out of the topic this week than when I was just a regular participant.  At the beginning of this week I found myself researching more than required, and putting a lot more thought into the topic than I had previously.  Coming up with questions for the twitter chat also forced me to think more about the topic, and it forced me to do some backwards thinking, which was interesting, because so far this semester I have only been answering questions, and comping up with questions requires a different kind of thinking!  That may also been because I found this topic to be one of the more relevant and applicable topics to my own teaching too that we’ve learned about this semester.

I really enjoyed writing my blog this week and reading the other blogs and talking and leading the twitter chat.  BYOD is a complex topic, and takes A LOT of planning, but I think it is one of the ideas that could really most easily be implemented in school, and one of the most effective.  I will be working at a new school in the upcoming year, and based on what I have read about in their technology plan I do not think they are ready to quite implement a district or even school wide BYOD policy, but I think it is something I might like to explore and experiment using in my classroom, with just my own group of kids.


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