Week 8 Reflection

This week we discussed game based play, and Minecraft in particular. I had heard of Minecraft before, but I really knew nothing about it. I now know how to play the game, or at least I understand what to do to play the game, and I’m not someone who plays video games, but I must admit all this research and discussion has intrigued me. I learned that on its own, without and educator interference, the game can help students in reading and writing and math.

The game has such a flexible platform, and because there are no missions or specific purposes, this allows educators to have a lot of freedom to adapt and use the game in whatever way they like.

In my blog, I wasn’t sure if I was creating a game correctly, or even in a way that made sense to others, but I got some really great responses on my blog, and it turned out I made a pretty good game! I made a math game because that was the closest connection I made when I started learning about the game. But after reading other blogs and after the twitter chat, I was able to see a lot of the great ways Minecraft could be used in other subjects. I was thinking that Minecraft would also be great in application to geography and history. Students can build historic places or events. Even to me that sounds like so much fun and I would love to see what students would be able to come up with and see their learning come to life in the game.

I also really appreciated the portion of the twitter chat where we talked about literacy connections to Minecraft. I think allowing students to build settings of books would be great! Also, connecting Minecraft with texts makes a lot of great sense to me because there are Minecraft books!   You can use the game to interest students in reading!


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