Week 5 Reflection

This time last week I had never heard of the term the Internet of Things before.  Now that I understand what the IoT is, I realize that it’s been all around me, and I do use some of these things in my every day life.  One example of an item I use ever day that I wasn’t aware was a part of the IoT is my phone.  It has an internet browser, texting, and numerous apps.  I use it for almost everything, I even use twitter and word press apps for this class sometimes!  Even five years ago, smartphones were not as prevalent as they are today, and are owned by millions.  The IoT is everywhere, whether we realize it or not.

This week my fiancee an I were shopping for a new TV.  Our budget was modest, and I insisted because he had a playstation we could connect to the TV, that we didn’t need a smartTV and that a regular HD TV would be enough for us.  After doing research and visiting multiple stores, it turns out that pretty much all TVs not are smartTVs!  All the models we looked at were smart, even the cheaper and smaller models.  So just as smartphones are now just phones, it seems that the same thing is happening with TVs!

Taking the time to think of a IoT device that I thought would be useful in the classroom was a really interesting exercise.  I don’t consider myself to be a very creative or imaginative person, so the opportunity to try to invent something all on my own was very interesting!  I also thought it was very interesting to see the range of devices that others came up with.  Some people create devices that would help students out in their learning, such as a digital and connected planner, while others came up with more enriching devices like the 2D-3D Hologram creator.  After this week, I have begun to make connections between the different topics we have been discussing each week.  I found that some of the devices, like the hologram maker would be a great too for students to have in a makerspace!

Lastly, I am really enjoying the twitter chats we have been having each week.  I like the flexibility and fluidity of the conversation.  I feel comfortable asking questions about things people bring up and I like how we are able to side track a little bit sometimes to expand on someone’s thinking or answer a question, and then we go right back on topic.  It’s all working out so well I feel and is helping me feel connected with all my classmates.


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