Reflection Week 4

This week the topic was makerspaces.  Before doing my research for this week’s essential question, I had no idea what a makerspace was.  Based on my understanding of what a makerspace is and its applications for students and learning, I sure have learned a lot!  This week I really appreciated the feedback I received from my peers on my blog.  Within a day of writing my blog, I had three comments posted!  I was pretty excited to see that my peers were reading and thinking about and responding to my ideas.  Most of the time, when I get comments on my blog I read them, think about them and reflect on them.  In the past I didn’t usually respond to comments though.  However, after seeing other respond back and forth on comments and seeing other bloggers respond to comments I have left, I have realized that the comments section is just another opportunity for us to engage in conversation.  So this week I did respond to each person who commented on my blog, and I hope they took the time to read my responses and think about them!

On the twitter chat this week I was able to share my ideas about how to use makerspaces in the classroom, and I was also able to learn from the suggestions that others made.  I was able to learn about the different kinds of technologies that can be incorporated into the makerspaces, particularly 3D printers.  Before last week I had done some reading about 3D printers but I still found myself very confused about them, but after the tangent conversation we had in the twitter chat about them, I feel like a lot of my confusion cleared up!

So far I am really excited about all of the different ideas we have talked about in class so far.  Since I am currently in the job market, I am really excited that I am learning all these new and current technological trends, so that I can use this knowledge to impress some potential bosses, and I’m already imagining how I would want to apply these techniques to the classroom I don’t even have yet!


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