Reflection Week 3

Each week so far I have had the same feeling.  When I begin research for my blog I seems like the week is so long and we’ve got so much time to discuss the week’s topic, then by the time Sunday rolls around I find myself wondering, where did all the time go?!  This week I was able to learn and interact with others in a lot of different ways.  I started off by researching for my blog and picking two emerging technological pedagogies that I thought would best help my students and classroom.  This research process was particularly interesting to me because I was finally able to figure out what a flipped classroom is!  I have heard that term be used for a few years now, but I was never really sure what it meant, now I do!

After making my own blog post I was able to read some other blogs and make comments for them.  I really enjoy reading through the other blogs because we are all teachers in different places and don’t work together, in the sense that we aren’t in the same school or even same districts, that we all have such different experiences and we are able to bring these experiences and share our ideas with one another on a common topic.  It’s incredibly refreshing.  I also appreciate how thorough the comments I have received are.  I can really tell that people are reading my blog posts and responding to them thoughtfully.  It makes me feel respected as a classmate!

This week also I was able to participate in the Twitter Chat.  I really enjoyed this opportunity because it is the only opportunity for us to interact and respond to one another instantaneously.  The conversations are also a chance for us to talk to one another more informally.  This week, I think I did more learning than contributing.  Unfortunately, having only worked for a technologically disadvantaged school, I do not seem to be as well informed as my peers.  I hope as we discuss upcoming topics I will be able to contribute more!


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