Week 2 Reflection

This past week I have learned so much. First off, before the week began I didn’t know what open source learning was. I obviously have been introduced to the concept through taking these online PLN courses, but I didn’t know that it was called open source learning. After doing some initial research for my own blog post, I felt like had a pretty good understanding of what open source learning is and what some off its benefits are. This understanding was demonstrated in my week two blog post.

The next step in my learning process this week was reading all the other blog posts. Some of the posts I read helped expand and widen my understanding, while other reinforced my own thoughts. One other blog post even used the same video as a resource as I did. I love seeing my peers and I share the same resources/information coincidentally because it helps me feel confident that I am doing the right thing! Another blog post even mentioned something that I had been wondering that was concerning about open source learning, but I wasn’t sure if my thought was silly or not, but then after reading another person voicing the same thoughts I had, I figured my thoughts must have some validity.

Unfortunately, (or not so unfortunately maybe 😉 ), I was at a resort here in the Dominican Republic that did not have Wi-Fi during the first twitter chat, so I was unable to attend, but I did go and look back over the conversation that everyone had and it seemed like a really successful event and I look forward to being able to participate next week!=-qw


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