Refelction Blog Week 12

This week I found that writing the initial blog post was really, really helpful to start forming the ideas I needed for the final piece of the research paper, conclusion/next steps.  After I had written my blog post, I pretty much had everything I needed for my conclusion!  I was able to look around lots of other blog posts and see other peoples’ conclusions and see the way they are wrapping their projects up.  Some of these projects have become of real interest to me and I’m glad to see how their work can be used in other (my) classrooms!

Also, as we wrap up the formal writing part of our projects, we begin preparing for the digital presentations.  I admit, the only suggested program to use that I am familiar with is PowerPoint.  After discussing on the twitter chat, and hearing people’s ideas for how they will present their projects is making me feel a little braver as I begin exploring new technologies that I am unfamiliar with.


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