Conclusion/Next Steps

Conclusions/Next Steps

Overall, the data from my action research project has shown that implementing Brain Gym as an intervention in the classroom can have multiple positive effects. Brain Gym can help increase student morale and classroom environment. There is also a strong indication that Brain Gym improves student engagement when used over extended periods of time. Brain Gym is a controversial program, and many researchers criticize its grandiose claims (Hyatt 2007; Spaulding, Mostert & Beam, 2010; Stephenson, 2009). Though Brain Gym may not meet all the claims that its website makes, the bottom line is that Brain Gym is effective and has many benefits.

I would recommend Brain Gym to any teachers looking for a way to create more positive energy and enthusiasm in their classrooms, and to those who are looking for long-term solutions to engagement issues. I will continue to use Brain Gym in my classroom, and furthermore, now that I have been exposed to the benefits of Brain Gym as a brain break, I will continue to explore other types of brain breaks, to increase the variety of breaks in my classroom, and to try to find activities that best fit my students interests and needs.


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