Reflection Blog Week 11

This week I really enjoyed getting to read around at different blog posts to see what my peers learned from their research projects.  This week’s essential question really struck at what the entire purpose of the project is, and why we have been working so hard for the past 10 weeks.  I have become really familiar with some of the projects my peers are working on, and it’s exciting for me to see their projects come to culmination.  I just hope some other feel the same about mine! I received some very positive comments on my blog post, which I love receiving, and they helped support me in my thought process, and how I approached my discussion section.

Other resources that helped me this week were on Dr. Jones’ blog, and the twitter chat.  I scoured over the blog for different resources to help guide my discussion section, and refine my data analysis section.  The twitter chat was also helpful to me this week.  I was able to asked questions about the struggle I was experiencing with writing my data analysis, and I was also reminded by Dr. Jones that I have to adjust the process to what fits my ‘story’ the best.  That I am allowed to change the set up of the paper if it suits my project better.  The reminder was very welcome, and helped me in my writing this week.


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