Reflection Week 10

As always, I learned a lot after receiving feedback and contributing comments towards my peers this week!  As we get further and further into this course, and I think back on all the things I have accomplished in this class so far, its hard for me to believe that I have been able to do all of this without direct instruction from a professor!  I guess this experience is a true testament to the power of learning from your peers.  It’s not just good for students to interact this way, but its also true!  We can learn just as much from one another as we can from a teacher.

From the comments I received from my peers on my blog post, I was able to see some parts of my explanation where I needed to be a little more clear and explain myself to give better understanding for the reader.  And other comments left me feeling reassured that I was doing somethings right, and that people learned and noticed the same things in their results as I did.

As I looked around at other people’s blog posts, I learned a lot.  I was able to see the different ways other people were analyzing their data and it helped me feel sure, or change the way I am approaching my data analysis.  I was also thankful that a few other people had their data analysis section completed and posted.  i always feel a little less lost if i am able to see other examples or ideas before I get mine started.


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