Week 9 Reflection

This week I received some great feedback from my peers.  From the feedback I got, I could tell my peers had thoughtfully read my data analysis explanation, and provided some very helpful words of advice.  I noticed, after reading a few different blog entries that a couple people are doing some very similar data collecting methods as I am.  This has been very helpful for me to see how people who are doing similar data methods as I am.  I am still deciding on the exact type of data analysis method I should use, but after reading the rationales provided my peers, I have a much better understanding of the different methods available, and which method would be most applicable for me and the data I am collecting.

My peers also provided some support of the rationale I provided and the explanation I wrote about what kinds of results I will be looking for.  For example, I explained that I will be reviewing the different data I am collecting to see if the brain beaks are improving the morale and community in my classroom, and if the students are enjoying the process, and I will use these feeling to determine whether or not to continue or discontinue brain breaks in my classroom.  My peers acknowledged my understanding and application of the big picture point of view this interpretation of data represents.  Hearing this positive feedback in addition to the constructive feedback I received about data analysis method helps me feel positive and confident about the work  I am doing and helps me feel as though I am on the right path.


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