Essential Question Week 9

I will have three main methods of data collection.  First, each day I am recording a ten minute segment of my classroom. I review the recording and track on/off task behavior and use this to create a student engagement percentage.  After collecting all the days worth of data, I will analyze these percentages to determine if there has been a significant impact in student engagement in the classroom since implementation of Brain Gym.

Second, I will give students a survey about their opinions of Brain Gym.  Students will be asked how they like doing brain break activities, which their favorites were, and how they felt, in relation to academics, after doing brain break activities.  I will analyze the results of the surveys to determine how the students felt about the brain break activities and if they have had a positive impact on students in the classroom, outside of engagement data.  The survey results are particularly important, because even if there is no direct, data demonstrated improvement in student engagement, if doing brain breaks is an activity my students enjoy and if it is somethings that improves their mood or morale in class or sense of classroom community, then the breaks are definitely worth continuing.

Lastly, I will analyze the results of a conversation I will have as a focus group with some of my students.  I will use the result of this conversation to further determine the impact that Brain Gym has had in my classroom.  I will use the results to determine if I should continue using Brain Gym, or discontinue its use.  I will also be able to determine from this conversation if I need to adjust the program or implementation in any way as well.


10 thoughts on “Essential Question Week 9

  1. I love that you are getting a percentage, but not solely relying on it to determine the success of your data. I am very interested in seeing how your percentages turn out because it might be something I would like to do with my data. I hope your findings show that your students are engaged in brain gym. If your students are anything like mine, they will be asking for brain breaks!


  2. Hey it sounds like we are using a lot of the same methods to collect data. I chose to do content analysis because I came across several themes when analyzing my data: attention span, behavior, focus, academic performance, etc. I am trying to compile all this data now and put into a word doc to submit for tomorrow. Not sure if I’m doing everything right though!


    • hmdavis2013 says:

      Ashley – we don’t have to have our data posted by tomorrow I don’t think. Our raw data is due on the 23rd. Hopefully that helps you not worry so much about it for tomorrow. Unless you are going on vacation or just want to be ahead. 🙂


      • Yes I just realized this! I thought we were posting raw data we had so far but this is such a relief! When I looked at it again it said the 30th. Maybe she changed it due to UAS spring break.


      • hmdavis2013 says:

        I saw it posted as the 23rd and also the 30th. Maybe I should ask. Or maybe it is due to Spring Break. Our analyzed data is also due the 30th, so I’m shooting for the 23rd for my raw data. In fact, I just have to do my focus group and I am good to go.


  3. hmdavis2013 says:

    I also am using a lot of the same data collection methods and am using content analysis to look at the themes. Which of the types of analysis are you going to use? i.e. narrative, case study, content, …

    Also, just wondering what someone else will do. Will you continue to use them only if they are a positive thing for everyone, or if they are a positive thing for the majority of the class? I am wondering that myself. As I posted, I have at least one student who hates the brain breaks – but I would guess that same student hates my class. However, several students like them, so do I let one bad apple spoil the bunch or just find something else for them to do?


  4. It sounds like you have a solid plan for collecting data. I like that you plan on continuing with brain breaks if the results are positive. I would be curious to see if the results are the same over a longer period of time, or if they change. (I know my students often need extra physical activity as the light comes back…)


  5. rockislandtechie says:

    I appreciate what you said about considering the impact of brain breaks on morale or sense of community in your classroom. It will be interesting to see what students say about their own perceptions of impact on their morale or interest in academics because of the brain breaks. I am always in favor of students taking ownership over their learning process and beginning to make connections with their interests, motivations, and efforts towards success in learning. This part of your data will provide context for the percentages and help you see the bigger picture!


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