Reflection Blog Week 7

This week was an exciting week for all of us!  Most of us have our research proposals approved and are ready to start collecting data on Monday.  We are really getting to the core of this research project and are going to be able to see if our hard work and research over that past seven weeks will pay off in making some significant changes in our classrooms.

I was able to share my data ideas will my colleagues and get some feedback from a few of them.  Most people approved my data collecting and preparation ideas and supported my statements in my blog.  Many were also impressed that I was able to use the past week to collect baseline data to use for comparative purposes in the data analysis portion of the project.  Their feedback and support helps me feel confident in the methods I am using to approach my data collection.  I feel good about the work I am doing and the work I plan to do on my project.

I also got the chance to look around at other blogs and see how other people are approaching their data collection and preparation.  I have noticed that some people are using similar methods as me, and I was actually able to help a few peers out with some ideas this week through group emails.  When I am able to support my peers so directly I feel really good about myself, because I know I sure appreciate their help when I need it.  I have become really familiar with some of these projects that other classmates are doing, and I am really interested to see how our projects turn out.  It is also really interesting to see the different methods we have come up with.  A few others are recording their classrooms like me, but for different purposes.  Some other really talented, multitasking teachers are collecting data while they teach!  Lots of us are also using interviews or surveys to collect data.  Whatever data method we are using, it will be very interesting to see what will happen!


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