Reflection Blog Week 6

I received some very helpful feedback from my peers this week.  First, one of my peers read over my methods paper and help me notice some editorial errors, which is always very helpful!  Also, another peer made a recommendation for a way to improve the survey I posted that I will be giving to my students.  Some of my peers also commented on my method of data collection.  I had some feed back that supported the method that I outlined as using, and some feed back that suggested making some changes of adjustments to my data collection method.

I read carefully over the adjustments my peers suggested, such as length of time for data collection and time of day of data collection.  Their suggestions gave me a lot to think about, and I re-read over my method/research design, and considered making the suggested changes, but ultimately I decided to keep my data collection method as is.  I decided that the method I developed would help me answer the question I am asking most accurately.  I appreciated the feedback though, because it forced me to really think about my plan and make sure that my plan best fits the question I want to answer.

I was also able to look around a quite a few other blogs, and I was able to see that some people have similar data collection methods as I do, and others are doing something quite different.  I really enjoyed to opportunity to read others’ research designs.  It helped me think about if I needed to change mine in any way, and I was also glad for the opportunity to help my peers in the same way they are helping me.


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