Reflection Blog Week 5

Since this course is not instructor led, I am really learning to appreciate my peers, their thoughts, contributions and feedback.  When making my original post this week, my answer to this weeks essential question, I was not sure if my data method would be a good enough method to provide data for my project, but after receiving some feedback, I am feeling much more confident about my ideas.  My peers informed me that my data collection method was adequate and a good method.  One of my peers even asked me a question about the randomization of my data collection, and I was able to adjust my methods using her suggestion!

Also, as I looked around at other people’s blog posts I was able to get some really good ideas.  I enjoyed reading about other people’s data collection methods, and I was able to see that one classmate is using a similar data collection method to me, but over a longer period of time.  I am planning on adding this method to my project.  I also noticed that a lot of people will be using observations and student surveys or interviews as data for their project.  I think using observational data would be beneficial for my project as well and will be a good complement to the numerical data I will collect.  My own observational data will help either confirm or disagree with the data I collect and would be a powerful piece of evidence to add to my project.  Student surveys also sound interesting to me.  I might consider surveying my students to see if they enjoy the Brain Gym activities, just for my own professional and instructional knowledge.  I do not think surveys would be applicable to my research question, unless I ask the students a question like “Did you feel more engaged after doing a Brain Gym activities?”  But it would be hard to get accurate and reflective responses from my students.  I would be more interested to know, just for personal purposes, if they enjoyed the activities and would want to continue to do them.


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