Theoretical Framework

Theoretical Framework

The research conducted in this study present three main themes. Initially, many studies demonstrate the benefit of taking breaks in the classroom. Students benefit from breaks and are more likely to stay engaged and learn actively when provided with breaks during the school day. Secondly, breaks can manifest themselves in the classroom in a variety of way, including games, or purposeful physical activity and movement breaks called brain breaks. There is one well-known brain break program called Brain Gym. This program has been used in classrooms for over 40 years, however many researchers advise again the use of the program, despite its immense popularity and recommendation for other sources, because of its lack of research based evidence to support the program’s claims.


One thought on “Theoretical Framework

  1. I really like that you are studying brain breaks, because I think it’s important for students to have fun in class along with working/studying. Whether on not you use Brain Gym or GoNoodle (the one I use), taking a break and stretching their legs can help you get through any lesson that’s boring or not. Whether or not there are claims by one to be better than another, the basic principle is important.


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