Essential Question 5

The question I am thinking of asking for my research project is:  Is Brain Gym and effective intervention for improving student engagement?

So to answer my question I will want to collect engagement data.  Engagement checks and data analysis is already something that the district and school that I work for do, and I have been trained how to do engagement analysis in classroom.  Over a period of 5-10 minutes, you look at a random student every ten seconds (of course after a minute or so students will begin to be seen more than once) and mark a check if the students is engaged and an X if the student is not.  From this data collection you can get an average engagement percentage, and use this to make generalizations about the subject/class/etc.  For my project I think I will use a similar system to collect data.  Since I want to see if Brain Gym improves engagement, I will collect data for a week or so before implementing Brain Gym and then for a week or so after implementing Brain Gym.  I will collect data from the same time frame each day, so time of day will not be a variable.

By collecting data before and after implementation, I will be able to directly see the effects, if any, of Brain Gym in my classroom.  Also, since I cannot teach and collect data simultaneously I will either try to train an aid, ask another teacher to collect data, or just record my classroom and take data from the recordings.


8 thoughts on “Essential Question 5

  1. Wow, that is an awesome way to collect data for engagement. And especially cool that you already do this at your school for the district. However, I’m not sure I’d be excited about this if it was mandated to me by my school board 😉 But great for the purposes of this class project. Sounds like you have a great plan and a headstart on the collection.


  2. rockislandtechie says:

    Your data collection seems very straightforward and will help you focus on specific information and results. The data collected after Brain Gym will be interesting to see (life after Brain Gym) and to see whether students “revert” back to the behaviors before BG or how that experience changed behavior moving forward.

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  3. How do you randomize the student that you are monitoring behavior for? I feel like you could easily pull names out of a hat prior to collecting data to ensure it is a random order. I know my attention is most often naturally pulled towards students displaying off task behavior.

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    • What a great idea, thanks for that suggestion! Since I will be watching recordings, it will be easy to pick names out randomly while watching the video. Usually the data collector just randomly looks around, but you’re right I think, eyes are naturally drawn to distracted students.


    • hmdavis2013 says:

      This is a good point. It is really hard to just “randomly” do something unless we use something to randomize it. Especially since we are drawn to observe certain students more often.

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  4. You method of data collection is interesting to me. I’ve heard of it before but I’m not too familiar so I guess that’s what makes me apprehensive about it. But it seems that you have used this method before and are comfortable with using it.

    I like that you mention about using the same time of day to collect data. I hadn’t thought of that for my research so thank you for the hint. I also hadn’t mentioned anything about collecting baseline data before implementation so thank you again for the reminder!

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