Reflection Blog Week 4

I had some really great interactions with the PLN over the past week, and as I am becoming more used to giving and receiving feedback from my colleagues I am realizing how valuable these interactions are.  As the course has continued, I am becoming more comfortable with expectations and delving into the formal research aspects of this class and paper, but when I get comments, suggestions or questions from others, their feedback makes me feel so much better and more confident about the work I am doing.

Ashley, Starr, Heather and I have begun sharing ideas and research through an email chain as well as a google doc.  their support and advise and answers has really improved my success in the class so far, and I’m glad the four of us, who are working on related topics for our research papers, have been able to connect so early in the class and I hope we continue to support one another as we delve deeper into the research project.

Also, the Tuesday Twitter session continue to be helpful.  I really appreciate the opportunity to ask any questions I have and get answers from a variety of sources.  I will continue to attend the twitter meetings and hopefully soon enough I’ll feel confident enough to give hosting a try!


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