Reflection Blog Post to Week 2

This week, I really enjoyed working and interacting with my classmates through blog posts and twitter.  I looked through many of my classmate blog posts and I was able to stay interested post after post because even though we were all given the same prompt for the week 2 post, we all had unique and individualized answers.  It was interesting to see an area of practice that others were interested in working on, from what I noticed, it seems like most of us have pretty different areas we would like to work on, from digital literacy to implementing 6 minute solutions, to writing for ELL students.  The diversity of our posts was also present in out responses about why collaboration with other teachers is important.  We all had different reasons or metaphors to use to explain why collaboration among peers is important, but one thing rang true for all our posts, and that was that we all realize and understand the value and importance of collaborating with one another.

From this blog post experience I was able to connect with a classmate who said she is investigating a similar idea to mine, so that was exciting, especially when she promised to share any good article she found with me!

At the beginning of this course, less than 2 weeks ago I was new to both Twitter and WordPress.  Trying to get both these new technological medias started at the same time was challenging, however now, not even two weeks later, I feel pretty fluent at using both sites, and instead of signing or dreading using the sites I am now excited to see if my blog got any new comments or if there are any interesting tweets posted since I last looked!

The weekly twitter chat we had earlier in the week I also found to be an interesting experience.  One of my fear before the session started was that the conversation and tweets would appear too quickly, and I would be able to keep up and I would get lost in the conversation.  While I admit at first, the conversation did move quite quickly, I soon was able to catch on a keep up with the tweets, and I was able to even include some tweets of my own!  So while this is all new, I am finding it to be a very interesting process, and I am liking these two sites much more than I expected!


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