Refelction Blog Post to Week 1 Essential Question

As always, when I begin a new class I start off with positive intentions and and eager attitude, but despite these good feelings I often feel a little lost and confused during the first few weeks of a new course.  It can take a while until I feel comfortable knowing what is being asked of me through assigned tasks.  I completed the initial blog post hoping I had answered the question in a way that was appropriate, correct and insightful.

After reading and reflecting on blog posts from classmates I was able to see that I was answering the question correctly and I did post a thoughtful response. Reading their posts made me see that I had some of my ideas right, and reminded me of some other important things to remember when conducting a research project, such as the importance of peer feedback and the fact that not all methods work in all classrooms.

Reading my classmates ideas was a reassuring process for me and reminded me of some things to keep in mind.  I need to stay focused on my research project, and narrow down my focus soon and choose a topic, so I can start to direct my energies toward my focus and begin gathering resources for annotated bibliography.


2 thoughts on “Refelction Blog Post to Week 1 Essential Question

  1. I am with you Stacy! I was swimming in reflection today!! I did learn so much in our first week though. I ended up deciding to do my project on repeated reading and fluency in the classroom. We can do this!!


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